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Syrah is a new generation dynamics processor utilizing real time dynamic detection and level dependent processing, providing adaptive dynamic capabilities, which mean that Syrah is always trying to adapt to the music and to the beat of the material.
Using parts of our exquisite ‘BitterSweet’ technology, our new adaptive-dynamics technology, and our well-recognized level independent dynamics processing, Syrah will be well suited as a creative versatile processor for recording and mixing, as well as for delicate and demanding mastering tasks. Give Syrah a try to see what it’s really capable of!







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– DSP based on the latest developments
– Automatic internal peak limiter
– Powerful track processing engine
– Automagic internal dynamic processing
– Feature-rich dynamic processing on the fly
– Robust and flexible level processing engine
– Adjustable preamp and reverb curves with whole-number or tapeco units
– Restore and automatically scale all level dependent track processing
– True dynamic range of 50dB – 60dB
– Spectral smoothing
– Preamp control to keep the recorded sound signature as neutral as possible
– High-quality tape emulation with additional top notch high-pass and low-pass filtering
– Definitive mid-side processing with adjustable bandwidth
– Virtual analogue tape processing
– Built-in stereo high-pass filter to eliminate room artifacts
– Wide range true peak limiting and time compression
– 8-band equalization
– 8 built-in microphones
– High definition path EQ with adjustable frequency bands
– 8-band active EQ
– 24bit/96kHz quality MIDI-in
– Additional separate input for vu meters and spectral analysis
– Time stretch
– Loop support
– Harmonized VCAs
– Tapeco unit support
– Analog and Digital input/outputs


“I really want to thank you guys for making such good products. I purchased a 3rd brand of a product I really like, but I like you guys better so I will be coming back here for more… Thanks again”


“I bought it not knowing any other product to work with my MuJITO… and this thing is just amazing! The level range can be set for any gate level, tap tempo… and the preamp has enough headroom (9Vrms) to work with tape machines… It works with tons of pedals, synths, MIDI controller and we could continue if I keep using it for a few years more…”


“Thank you guys for such a great product, the sound signature of the preamp is really nice and the level control is wonderful… Looking forward to more info on this preamp”

About Soundcraft

It takes a village to achieve the sounds of musicians like Elvis, Bono, Jimmy Page, George Harrison, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Sting, Black Sabbath, and U2. No matter who you are or where you are in the world, people who play music have to get it right to make a living and create something

Syrah [Win/Mac]

So, you’re looking for that one great all-purpose multi-tracking DAW? Nowhere is that more apparent than in Syrah Download With Full Crack, the digital audio workstation from Signal Path: a 20-track environment that blurs the lines between recorder, mixer, recorder and mixing. It’s the essential multi-track DAW.
Syrah is the next iteration of Signal Path’s flagship DAW, BitterSweet. Unlike other DAWs, BitterSweet allows you to easily create quality studio-like recordings and mixes. You can even select from a library of multichannel tracks, or import your own custom recordings.
Syrah lets you listen to, edit, and mix all your music on a single DAW window. The software also supports drag and drop functions, making it easy to copy audio or MIDI clips between the program and other applications.
Signal Path’s Syrah is designed for a new generation of digital musicians. It’s the ultimate studio-quality DAW.
New Features include:
– 20 Track Editor
– 10,000+ of Signal Path’s library of multichannel tracks
– Matching SYNTHX Synthesizer
– Physical mixing, all-channel mixing, time-stretching, multi-engine recording, etc.
– Pre-built virtual recording plugin
– There’s no limits to how you can mix your music and sound like a professional.
Now you can get your hands on Syrah before you buy it. We’re sharing a preview of our Synthesizer. This lets you take a hands-on approach with one of our most popular products to date. And you can download Syrah today if you’re interested in the full version.
The Synthesizer is designed to create the kind of well-crafted sounds that are synonymous with our professional products.
And it’s packed with incredible features.
Syrah Features:
– Vintage delay, an analog delay that adds a warm, analog sound to your music.
– Pristine synthesis, a vintage synthesizer that’s built for your next masterpiece.
– Envelope Follower, a preset envelope that mimics the analog sound of an old transistor radio.
– Two filter modes, a Variable Frequency Oscillator and a sharp filter.
– 12 classic multimode oscillators, three LFOs, and six envelopes.
– There’s even a loop editor and a sequencer to help you create

Syrah (Latest)

Boosted with our very own award winning ‘BitterSweet’ technology, Syrah is the perfect balance between’real’ and ‘immersive’ sound. Syrah is a state of the art – performing music processor for mixing, mastering or mastering-ready material. Adding an immersive vibe to the mix can definitely give the mix more of a ‘grand’ presence, and is especially needed when mixing to headphones or stereo speakers, where usually you can’t simply add any audio content. Adding in these dynamics, makes music more engaging and engaged.
Syrah features six separate, variable and adjustable dynamics processors, all dedicated to the different musical elements of a recording. With these dynamics, you can control and balance the overall volume, the ambiance and the warmth of the mix, while being able to simultaneously control the lows, mids and highs, individually and in all its detail.
The dynamics processing of Syrah is also boosted with a superb internal dynamics limiter, to protect your material from overloading and damaging any amplification equipment.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50II,
The PLUM headphone is very capable of replicating the range of acoustic phenomena that happen in an actual concert hall.
An acoustic transducer (acoustic diaphragm) is used to transform the vibrations of the physical sound into electrical signals. The PLUM uses a dual dynamic driver (rear driver, and top driver) to reduce crosstalk and reduce distortion. This type of driver is used to reduce the size of the diaphragm.
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While the D10RD features an integrated dynamic processor for the level independant dynamic range control from 14 to 126dB (0 to 24dB steps), the D10RD II offers an integrated dynamic processor for the level independant dynamic range control from 14 to 140 dB (0 to 10dB steps).
In addition, the D10RD II offers a high pass/low pass filter with adjustable frequency cutoff, and a high & low frequency volume controls. Volume controls are provided for each of the channel output signals.

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What’s New In?

The first step of the ‘Syrah’ design philosophy, has always been about finding the strength of dynamics processing in every element of the sound. With ‘Syrah’ we went back to the beginning and started to look at the dynamics processing, its strengths and its weaknesses. During this process, we discovered that it was the dynamics that were responsible for making the differences between the recording of a performer, and the sound of live instruments. We found that the recorded instruments captured the instruments as they were in time and level, whereas the live sound captured the instruments in the moment and level. During this review we found that the level is also a very important factor, and it’s not only about balancing the sound of recording and live instruments, but also about the ability to increase and decrease the level of a certain instrument at a certain moment, in order to make it more memorable. Moreover, we found that the biggest challenge was to separate the instruments, and create space for them to breathe. No matter how good a dynamic processor, it is still almost impossible to make the general level of a track sound even, unless you always restrict the sound to lower or higher numbers. This is the most common pitfall of dynamic processors.
The amount of dynamics in a track can be described by looking at the level dynamic range between the quietest and loudest frequency in a track, and comparing it with the actual dynamic range of the instruments. On top of that, we also added our level independent and adaptive dynamics processing for Syrah. Our A&B (above-below) algorithms serve for getting rid of the difference between the level of the loudest and the quietest frequencies in a track, which means that the same dynamics processing is used for low and high frequency content, and their position in the spectrum. Our processors also have the ability to adapt to the level of the content, meaning that any instrument in a track with a high level can be processed more by Syrah than instruments with a low level. Even though any DSP can help you by its dynamic processing abilities, only Syrah is able to adapt to the level of the content in the track.
Syrah Features:
– Syrah is a complete dynamics processor
– The history of our dynamic audio processors is recorded in our ‘BitterSweet’ technology
– Syrah is not a mixer as we know it
– Syrah is a true dynamics processor
– Syrah has 4 different ‘modes’
– Syrah is truly adaptive

System Requirements For Syrah:

Mac OS X
RELEASE DATE: 27/10/2015
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