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Regardless of whether you are a professional writer or an avid Twitter user, one of the things that you need to account for is word count. While the first one might want to create a novel that is easy to read, for the latter it is all about conveying a message in a limited space.
TextStatistics is a small application that enables you to immediately find out the word count along with other important statistics in text files on your computer.
Fresh and user-friendly interface
As you would expect from a tiny app, the application is quick and you should not encounter any special events during the process. The UI consists of a main tab where you can view the list of the texts you are trying to get statistics for and a few buttons that are relevant to the program's role.
You can start looking for texts to get the word or character count for in the upper section of the interface. It is necessary to mention that you need to browse through directories and load the text files, as the program does not support the drag and drop function. Some average users could argue that this feature could be useful when writing Tweets or writing an essay for instance.
Straightforward functionality
The primary role of the app is to help you get details about the character, lines or word count in a given text. You can learn the details by loading the files into the app and then access the Get Statistics function to generate the results. The results usually include the number of lines, words and characters with or without the spaces.
The program allows you to generate statistics for the files in a single folder or from multiple directories. However, you should keep in mind that the application only works with text files and that you can export the results to a CSV format. It could be useful if the app could support other types of documents as well.
A mediocre tool for average users
All in all, TextStatistics does a good job of generating statistics on text files relatively fast. On the other hand, its applicability for professional writers or bloggers is limited, as it does not allow you to see the data while you are working.







TextStatistics Full Product Key Download PC/Windows

Locate words and line breaks. Get counts, percentages, average words per line and the total number of lines.
Software Used:
Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
ToolTip Software
ToolTip Software, Inc.
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published:18 Jul 2016


TextStatistics Serial Key: Word Count For Word Documents

TextStatistic is a small utility for counting characters, words, lines, etc. You can use it to get an estimate of the size of a document without opening it. Example use:
“I use the “Word Count” feature in TextStatistic to count words in documents without opening them and I could use the results to estimate how long it would take to read the document.

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How To: Word Count for Documents

Discover the tool that can automatically count words and characters and give you the accurate word count. Use full text search and find all kinds of details including:
– Total count of words
– Total count of characters
– Total count of lines
– Total count of paragraphs
– Total count of sentences
– Total count of

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Due to a steady need for a personal time-management tool, a small group of free-time Web designers and developers decided to establish Time Tracking 2.0. It is an open-source time tracker that allows you to track your time, tasks, and projects from your computer. It has a website interface and an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch client application that will help you record your work.

Timetracking has been designed to monitor your online activities and record the details of your daily work such as browsing, uploading, downloading and installing files.

The program does a good job of covering all kinds of online activities and it is fully integrated with popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The software is lightweight, secure and intuitive, so you will not have any problem with getting started with it. It is a simple tool that can help you keep tabs on your online activities and make sure they are not consuming too much of your time.

Timetracking have a well designed interface that you can access through a user-friendly dashboard. You can setup reminders to ensure that you remain aware of the online activities in your life, which, in turn, will help you monitor your schedule and, therefore, reduce the time you spend performing these tasks.

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The developer team has also given out a powerful client application for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. This client is extremely easy to use, so you can be off by just a few touches on the screen. The application will help you record your work in a very short time. The Android application will follow suit in the very near future.

The software is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and other platforms.

Time Tracking Product Pros:

The program provides very easy to use interface

You can monitor your online activities

The program will track all web-based actions

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The program is compatible with all the mobile and desktop platforms

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Time Tracking Product Cons:

Not suitable for professional writers

Support for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is not yet available

Overall, we recommend the Time Tracking application as a useful tool that will help you manage your time.

It is very well designed and highly useful, so you can now keep tabs on your online activities.

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What’s New in the TextStatistics?

Word Count, Lines, Characters. Free and easy to use! TextStat is the one-stop utility for formatting, wordcounting and counting your text file, text messages, books, web pages, emails, etc. TextStat is a powerful application and is specifically designed to count the lines, characters, words and words in text.

Counting words in text is a very basic but very useful function. You can have statistics on the words in a given text file easily.

Word count and character count is especially useful for a writer who is preparing a document or a piece of writing. With the word count, you can easily determine how many words are used per page. You can also calculate the average number of words or characters per line to find out how many words or characters are used per line. Counting words is an amazing feature of the TextStat. You can count any file including PDF, Microsoft Word, HTML, Rich Text Format and other types of files.

TextStat is a powerful application and is specifically designed to count the lines, characters, words and words in text. Counting words is an amazing feature of the TextStat. You can count any file including PDF, Microsoft Word, HTML, Rich Text Format and other types of files.

You can export the file statistics to a CSV file. The CSV file can be easily opened in the standard spreadsheet application, excel or abiword.

TextStat Description:

TextStat is a powerful program for counting and formatting characters and words in your text files.

TextStat Features:

Count words, characters, lines and characters per line.

Word count by character.

Count words, characters and lines in any file.

Includes an Export function to create a CSV file.

Customizable word counts per character, line and character per line.

TextStat Statistics:

Word count, lines, characters and words per line.

Includes an Export function to create a CSV file.

Includes a system timer so you can see how much time has passed since the start.

Count words and characters per line in any file.

Word Count, Lines, Characters. Free and easy to use! TextStat is the one-stop utility for formatting, wordcounting and counting your text file, text messages, books, web pages, emails, etc. TextStat is a powerful application and is specifically designed to count the lines, characters, words and words in

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows® 7/Vista/XP/Vista/2003/98/Me/2000/98.
256 MB RAM.
Pentium III, Celeron or AMD Athlon XP or later processor.
Hard disk space of at least 15 MB.
An active internet connection (dial-up or broadband).
Microsoft Windows® Active Desktop™ or Microsoft Windows® Media Center™ is required to use this feature.Ion-Selective Ionophores for Solid-State Ion-Selective Electrodes.
Most of the