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Syracuse (NY) lawyer Steve Bennett is a partner at the Center for Claims Resolution (CCR) and a former prosecutor. He spoke to about whether text messages John Calipari sent to recruits should be allowed as evidence.

Credit CNYCentral /





“The text messages, some of them [to recruiters], were completely off the record,” Bennett said. “They were just joking around. It was just a way for Calipari to connect with the kids.

“Of course, this is a very significant aspect of the case. This is an important point in time, especially since that one of the stories that’s come out that Calipari is now under indictment for recruiting violations.

“In and of itself, is it going to be a consideration for granting Calipari a favorable bond? No, not at all.”

The charges stem from a federal investigation of a minor’s complaint that Calipari offered him a bribe in exchange for signing with Kentucky. The alleged evidence of corruption included several text messages Calipari sent the recruit.

On Monday, prosecutors argued that court-admissible text messages sent to recruits should be allowed as evidence. The next hearing in the case is scheduled for Thursday.

Several defense lawyers interviewed Wednesday said Calipari has a strong chance to be released on bond.

“There are two parties in a court proceeding,” former lawyer David Goldman said. “One is Mr. Calipari, and the other is the government.

“The government has to prove its case.