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Published: 14/07/2022 (3 weeks ago)

Even though it is not as popular as Photoshop, is a noteworthy alternative that packs several powerful features that enable you to edit or generate stunning designs free of charge.
In fact, the tool comes with a plethora of tools and options to help you enhance any artistic projects, including but not limited to posterize, inverting, distort, emboss, fractals, so on and so forth. Similarly to Adobe’s graphic editor, supports various plugins that can make your work easier.
Twainable is such an extension specially designed to help you acquire images directly from older TWAIN compatible scanners.
Consequentially, in order to use it, you need to make sure that your scanner supports TWAIN and you have the necessary drivers installed. Since it is a plugin, it does not require a setup, but rather you can decompress the archive and copy the DLL files included in the Effects folder of
Once the EZTW32.DLL and Twainable.DLL are in the aforementioned folder, it is recommended that you start or restart the application so that you can preview the extension under the menu Effect, Tools and Acquire from TWAIN.
Lastly, it is worth mentioning that Twainable allows you to choose the TWAIN-source to use or acquire to the clipboard, the latter option having the role of starting the scanner software and storing the image in the clipboard.


Download 🆗 DOWNLOAD

Download 🆗 DOWNLOAD






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Twainable is a powerful, easy to use plugin that converts TWAIN compatible scanners into a more convenient replacement for a regular scanner. Just connect the scanner of your choice to your computer, install the Twainable Extension, and add Twainable to your menu bar to automatically start.

How does Twainable work?

All Twainable needs is a TWAIN compatible scanner connected to your computer. The scanner will be listed in Twainable’s settings panel, right below the Scanner to Twainable support status.
Simply double-click a file you wish to scan in the file browser and voila! The file will be instantly transferred to your computer.
The TWAIN compatibility of Twainable has been tested and confirmed for the following scanners: UMAX, Artix, PhotoSystem, Agfa, Epson, Kodak and Xerox.

Image Transfer

Connect Twainable to your scanner, start the Twainable Options dialog, select the TWAIN interface of your scanner, and Twainable will be ready to use.
You can find Twainable in the Tools menu, where it is represented by a glyph showing a scanner being connected to the computer.
The default Twainable settings can be easily tweaked in the Settings panel. Other settings that can be tweaked include:

File Name Template: Create new file names based on the scanned image’s number.

Extension: The extension (.PDF,.JPG,.TIF,.BMP, etc…) will be appended to the file name once you have finished the scan.

Output Destination: Select where the scanned file is stored and where to copy it to the clipboard afterwards.

The Twainable Options dialog also includes a Scan button that activates the scanner once you have finished the settings and you are ready to start scanning.

File Formats

When you scan, Twainable can process almost any image format. Here’s how Twainable can read them:








PNG, GIF, and BMP are supported by default. In the Settings panel, you will find the following options:

Portrait Fit: This is the percentage of the scanner’s preview area where your image is expected to fit in the preview window.

Zoom Slider: This feature expands or contracts the preview area up or down.

B/W Switch: Whenever

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As some of you know, Twainable For Windows 10 Crack is a TWAIN source plugin developed by me. With Twainable 2022 Crack, you can use many of the scanners from Canon, Epson, and all of the other TWAIN-capable vendors without having to do anything. Just install Twainable, tell your scanner to use it, and it will work.
If you want something that’s a bit more of a pain, you can use Twainable to automatically send the scanned files to your printer (or some other storage medium). I was unable to get Twainable to automatically send files to a printer without setting up a print queue, so this is not a built-in feature. If you want to automatically scan files to a printer, you will need to install and set up a Print Queue (as described in the TWIN PORT DEVICES section of the help file)
Key Features:
You can scan to the clipboard, or you can choose to scan to the TWAIN folder.
If you choose to scan to the TWAIN folder, all of your scans will be sent to that folder.
Scan to clipboard:
If you choose to scan to the clipboard, you can print, save, or email to your heart’s content.
Install Twainable:
You need to install and register Twainable. You can install it by unzipping the archive (the command is “unzip Twainable.rar”, and then double-clicking Twainable.exe)
Configure Twainable:
You will need to configure Twainable so that your scanner uses it. This is done by choosing Twainable on the Settings menu and then choosing Settings->Source Type. Choose type TWAIN, and then hit the OK button on that screen.
You may also want to choose Settings->Target Type and do the same for the TWAIN printer you want to use.
Starting Twainable:
You will need to start Twainable or just choose Twainable from the Effects menu.
If Twainable does not show up in the Effects menu, you may need to restart the program.
Extending Twainable:
You can use Twainable to acquire and create new scanners (it will ask for a configuration file), but you cannot use Twainable to do anything else with the scanner; you can only use it to scan to the clipboard or to a folder.
I can’t believe there are still people out there using TWAIN plugins. TWAIN is not as “pro”


Twainable is an extension to Paint.NET. The extension allows you to use TWAIN and Twainable printers to take photos.You can also choose the TWAIN or Twainable printer driver that you want to use.It runs in the background and reads TWAIN or Twainable devices.It will automatically launch the capture program and place it in the clipboard.

..Please note that the TWAIN and Twainable printers must be set up correctly in the Device Manager. Check out the video demo showing it in action. The video is in WMV format.

Basic Features:

Acquire Photos from TWAIN Printers

You can use this extension to take photos from TWAIN or Twainable printers. It automatically runs the most current TWAIN or Twainable printer driver to scan the media.

The captured file is placed into the clipboard so that it can be saved by using the Paste as PNG image option.

You can choose which TWAIN printer driver to use for Twainable in the Properties dialog.

Support multiple TWAIN and Twainable printers at a time.

Save the scanned image into a preset folder

Customize the look of the captured image

Support multiple extensions

Supported Twainable formats:





JPEG 2000




























Embed Images in PDF

The Twainable extension allows you to embed images in a PDF file. The extension is integrated with the PDF/A-1.2 standard and it allows you to select a PDF file from your computer, save the PDF file on the Twainable cloud service and print it.

Several features are available, such as the following:

Select your printer driver in the Twainable Properties dialog

Select your desired embedded image

Change the output folder where the PDF

What’s New in the?

This plugin may sound simple, but the results it produces are stunning. In fact, it is like magic how you can acquire an image from a TWAIN compatible device and turn it into a painting.
A small tutorial about how to use Twainable can be found here.
Although it is a major addition to the painted as it allows you to acquire images from a TWAIN compatible scanner and create beautiful works at ease.
However, for those of you seeking a solid alternative to Photoshop, which is not free, we advise you to try Framemaker 8. It has many features such as layer wrap and control, that some users argue are better than Photoshop.
Adobe has made Framemaker a lot more powerful as they have released multiple updates to it in the years since it has gone free.
The current version of Framemaker is, which you can download from here.
The current version of Photoshop is as of this post, 2018.

Framemaker 8 Features:

Blind fill
Batch renaming
Batch conversion
Capture TWAIN compatible images
Capture images from JPG files
Capture from paths
Clear TWAIN compatible images
Color balance
Crop to screen ratio
Crop to textarea ratio
Fill with one color
Flood fill
Filmstrip collection
Hard fix, similar to retouch tool
Import 3D objects
Rotate and mirror
Select part of a file

Posterize is a Plugin that enables you to make different transforms into an image. Although the result is not as attractive as the transformations applied in Photoshop, you can save time using it because all the settings are right there, saving you a lot of time.
Posterize Presets:
Posterize comes with three presets that include effects such as blur, emboss, posterize, tilt-shift, vignette, and others. Furthermore, you can save these presets to generate the same look and give you all the necessary presets.
Using these presets, you can easily transform and recreate an image.
Posterize description:
A plugin with a creative and intelligent interface that enables you to change the images in your applications without having to use Photoshop.
In addition, you will only need to know a few simple commands to choose the desired presets.
A usefull tutorial can be found here.
If you are looking for a

System Requirements:

Mac OS X
Windows 7/Vista/XP
Minimum 800×600 display resolution
512 MB RAM
800×600 minimum resolution
20 GB available disk space
Step 1. Download the source code
You can download the source code here.
Step 2. Follow the tutorial
This tutorial will get you up and running quickly.
Step 3. Build the project
The simplest way to build this project is to use NetBeans.
From Net