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Published: 13/07/2022 (3 weeks ago)

Universal Ad Blocker is a simplistic application that carries out a noble purpose – that of blocking advertisements while browsing the web. It can accomplish the job inside any navigator you can think of, be it Firefox, Chrome, IE or another similar product.
By blocking ads, the program makes your whole experience with the web more comfortable and enjoyable, not to mention the improvements in page loading and browsing speed. Put these on top of complementary features such as ease of use and accessibility and you’ve got a perfectly reliable ad blocker that requires few efforts.
Most ad blockers are designed as browser extensions, therefore their functionality is restricted to a single navigator. As opposed to this behavior, Universal Ad Blocker makes its abilities available for all the browsers installed on a system.
Wrapped inside a simple interface, Universal Ad Blocker concentrates its whole functionality inside a single button that allows you to instantly block and unblock advertisements, with a single click. Once you enable the application to block all ads, the program displays a small prompt advising you to restart the browsers in order to notice the effects.
The same message is shown when you undo the blocking operation. However, there seems to be no need for a browser restart, as the modifications become available immediately. You do need to refresh the set of already loaded web pages, though, in order to block existing ads.
Universal Ad Blocker has got sufficient power to block the most annoying ads on the web. It can deal with advertisements created by popular ad networks, including Google and Yahoo, but it is less flexible and feature-rich as other blockers (such as Adblock Plus, for instance).







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Easy to use ad blocking solution for desktop and mobile: In one click you can unblock all the ads on the Internet!
* Universal Ad Blocker is an anti-ad block software that blocks ads on all the browsers, including Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox, Opera and many others!
* No configuration required: Universal Ad Blocker works on the fly
* Never get annoyed by annoying ads again!
* Easy to use – one button and then you are done!
* No speed loss for website operators
* Easy to use and compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT and ME
* No more site-dependent ad blockers – you can use the program everywhere you go!

What’s New in Version 1.1.0:
* Changed the notification banner to indicate, when ads are blocked or unblocked
* Added support for Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and IE
* Bug FixesSprint all about adding subscribers

We’ve been covering all the signs of trouble at Sprint for a while now. It’s been trading down into penny-stock territory and it’s sinking into a bear market as investors have begun to lose faith.

Well now it’s about to get even worse and I’ve been hearing this week it’s going to be out of money by the end of the year. From a very strategic point of view, if you’re a carrier who wants to add subscribers (and I’m assuming they want to add subscribers) the best thing to do in a bear market is to cash in your chips and make a stock buyout.

So Sprint has started cashing in its chips. It’s not exactly clear how far along the process is, but it did with the original launch of the Samsung Omnia and the Motorola RAZR. So there’s a process you can go through to sell your carrier, and you should. Just don’t cackle madly when people on Twitter claim that the world’s largest phone carrier is going out of business because there’s a billion dollars worth of shares available to buy right now.

This is a good sign that Sprint has a limited time to find a buyer before it runs out of cash and becomes a takeover target. So if you’re interested in Sprint, now’s a good time to investigate their options.Categories

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Using ads to make online shopping easier and faster.
It blocks web ads for you, so you can use your computer and the Internet in a much more enjoyable way. It lets you hide all ads and backgrounds while you browse.
– easily switch off, on and off your ad blocking
– easily hide all ads and backgrounds while you browse
– easily undo changes
– Hide Ads:
– easily block ads on any website
– easily block ads from being shown on any website
– easily block ads from being shown in the favourites
– easily block banners, pop-ups and other annoying ads
– easily block pop-under ads
– easily block ads from being shown in the tab bar
– hide web page background
– hide all web advertisements, banners, pop-ups and other annoying ads
– easily hide web page backgrounds
– easily hide anything on your computer
– easily remove web advertisements, banners, and pop-ups
– easily change which ads are to be blocked
– easily change which buttons are to be shown when an ad is blocked
– easily change the colour of buttons
– easily change the colour of the ad that is shown
– easy theme
– easy user interface
– easily undo changes
– easily change the text that is shown when a change is made
– easy language
– easily mute the notifications that are sent when a webpage is loaded
– easily use the mouse wheel to move back and forward through pages
– easily enable or disable flashing text or sound
– easily decrease or increase the page loading time
– easily modify the speed of the web pages that are to be loaded
– easily navigate through websites that are to be loaded
– easily reload a web page when you want to visit it
– easily load the web browser you want when you want to visit a website
– easily change the position of the navigation buttons
– easily hide the sides of the window
Universal Ad Blocker Categories:
Ad blocking software
Ad blocker
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Navigation Bar
User Interface
Universal Ad Blocker V2.0 – $24.95 Buy Now Universal Ad Blocker comes with a 5-day money back guarantee (
If for any reason you are not satisfied, you will receive a refund within that time.
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A simple, fast and easy to use program that provides instant-on ad blocking for all the browsers installed on the system. It offers a single, dedicated button to instantly block and unblock all the advertisements on the web. No need to install any additional tools or extensions, as everything is rolled into the one simple interface. To block ads, a simple click, and to unblock the web – a single click. No preferences to make, no mess of installed extensions. All controls are inside the main application.

Unrestrict Universal Adblocker

Date published: 2016-03-14

Carrie Tate

A review from WoWInterface about the application “Unrestrict Universal Adblocker”.

Universal Adblocker boasts the features of other ad blocking apps, and while it makes the process convenient for some users, it can be overkill for others. If you’re a light user of ad blocking, then this program is likely to make your life a bit more difficult. But if you’re a power user, well, you may very well be somewhat pleased with the program’s capabilities.

First and foremost, this program is capable of blocking ads in ALL web browsers. Some other programs focus on just one or two but not all of them. So if you have multiple browsers installed, then you should be able to pick and choose which ones to block. The program also makes it easy for you to whitelist certain domains that you can visit without any blocking. This feature is optional, so if you don’t like it, you can easily disable it.

There are a few options to customize the program’s functionality. Most of these are not very useful to most users, since they’re geared towards the power users out there. But, if you’re a power user, you may find the extra options to be a nice addition to your ad blocking arsenal.

When you first launch this program, you’re given the choice of blocking all ads (choosing this option will mean that the Internet will be littered with annoying ads for all users), or “Just ads when I click”, which will allow you to block the ads only when you’re intentionally browsing for them. If you block all ads, you also get a text message in the notification tray that will inform you when the ads are being blocked (and this is optional).

The program is also capable

What’s New In?

Universal Ad Blocker uses simple logic to decide which ads are intrusive.

Whenever your browser loads a new web page, Universal Ad Blocker evaluates and tests that page to see if any of the advertisements on that page are incompatible with your browser. Universal Ad Blocker does this in a way that uses minimal CPU and bandwidth.

Universal Ad Blocker removes from the page the advertisements that result in a stable or noticeable difference in your browsing experience, and replaces them with an ad that does not cause any problems. It does this quickly so you can browse again.

Universal Ad Blocker does not modify the layout or functionality of a page while removing ads. It is designed to operate solely as a tool to block ads.

Universal Ad Blocker is not allowed to modify the functionality of any web page.

How to Apply:

First you need to download and install it on your PC.

Then you need to go the main page and select a browser from the list.

Click on the “Universal Ad Blocker” button and set the preference for blocking.

How to Unblock:

Click on the “Universal Ad Blocker” button and unblock the page.

Note: If you are using Chrome, you need to manually add this application as a trusted application because by default Chrome doesn’t allow third-party applications to change the proxy settings. For more information, see the official Chrome help page.

How to Choose Ad Blocker with preference over ad?

Universal Ad Blocker is easy-to-use. Just click on the button and it starts blocking the ads.

Universal Ad Blocker Extension:

Universal Ad Blocker can handle all the major browsers that you have installed on your Windows computer.

Universal Ad Blocker has multiple tabs which helps you to choose between ad blocking and unblocking.

Universal Ad Blocker can unblock pages without disabling cache, so the page speed is not affected.

Universal Ad Blocker can prevent your personal information from being collected by the third-party applications.

Universal Ad Blocker can give you more than 14 ads per day by utilizing our algorithm.

Universal Ad Blocker can be used as a web browser Extension and can also work as a bookmark.

Universal Ad Blocker can add more user friendly features by continuously updating with latest updates.

The application offers support for multiple browsers and has no impact on the web page

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10.
Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHz or AMD equivalent.
Processor: Quad-core 2.5 GHz or equivalent.
Banshee and/or Rhythmbox must be installed on the computer.