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which is the best implementation for use as a reference service

I have a requirement. I have an application, which is accessible from web, and I need to add a feature, that would access this application and send me requests, and I need to be able to do this from another application. Basically, this application will be used to view some data, but if it can be used to send requests, even better.
I was thinking about using an HTTP server from Java, but I have a few concerns:

I was thinking about using Apache http core, I found out, that it uses Jetty or Tomcat for core functionality, but I wonder if it is possible to use this core for server, and a separate application for request/response
Would it be a good idea to put the whole application inside a web container, or maybe it is better to use my own http servlet container?
Is it a good idea to use separate thread and socket client connection inside of the same application, or it might be better to open a thread for each connection?

As a result, it would be a service which would be accessible from other applications, but I would prefer to have a new application written from scratch.


Use a standard SocketConnection, but make sure to upgrade it to an AsyncSocketConnection. When do the AsyncSocketConnection, you can use a ThreadPool to get the best experience with network-related coding (as opposed to having 100 threads per socket connection).
You can use Apache HttpCore to start an HTTP server for your custom application. You need to provide a custom Servlet to serve the data, and an HTTP method that will tell the server what to do with the data (e.g

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