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Published: 13/07/2022 (4 weeks ago)

With version 1703, Windows 10 now features a new Group Policy that grants you control over various settings panels. The option that can come in handy for system administrators or users who share their computer, as it allows you to lock down those panels and prevent users from making modifications.
Win10 Settings Blocker is a portable tool that can come to the aid of administrators as it provides a simpler way to lock down various settings panels in Windows 10 with just one click.
Block, hide and disable panels with one click
Since the utility is portable, it means you do not have to bother with the installation or configuration. The interface consists of a single window with a drop-down menu where you can choose between four settings, namely the panels that you want to hide, show only, block and the disable blocking.
Functionality-wise, the application is user-friendly, so after you select whether you want to block, hide or make show-only, you can hit the plus button to add the panels. Again, this is a drop-down menu that lists all the available settings panels, so take the time to browse and select the ones you need. The final step entails that you hit the Save button located in the upper right.
A tool that helps you preserve the settings and increase security on your system
Granted, the application can prove invaluable in a corporate environment because it ensures the end users do not mess around with the settings of the PC as they are set by the network administrator. Then again, it can also be helpful for regular people, especially if their friends and family constantly nag them to fix their computer.
All in all, Win10 Settings Blocker is an easy-to-use tool that can come in handy for anyone who needs to make sure that nobody changes the configuration for the PC they are sharing or that is used in a corporate environment.







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Windows 10 has been around for almost a couple of years now, which means that it already has two major releases since its release in 2015. However, the fact remains that Microsoft needs to keep up with the times and bring in some more features and improvements in order to stay relevant. In that vein, Microsoft has unveiled a new major version of Windows 10, codenamed Threshold, which came to life in April and is now available as a “breakthrough update” to PCs and tablets that meet certain requirements.

More functional. More intuitive. More powerful.

This new update aims to bring a significant improvement in overall performance, ease of use and overall user experience. Windows 10 is now a multi-device operating system, and it enables users to share, collaborate, and create from any device. The new Threshold update also offers a variety of security and privacy options, it is versatile with regard to different hardware components, such as tablets and PCs, and the ability to upgrade from the older version of Windows to the new one is now much easier with a new capability called the ‘Windows Update for Business’.
A multi-device operating system, that works across all of the types of devices that are part of a modern office
Threshold is the first major update to Windows 10 since the launch of the platform nearly two years ago, and Microsoft’s new operating system was quite a sight to behold.
Windows 10 finally put an end to the much-requested Windows 8.1-style Start Menu and it brought in a new environment that enables users to feel more at home in what is in a sense a much easier-to-use operating system.
Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro versions are now available, enabling users to choose between several different features of the OS, and both versions have gained an array of new functions, enhancements, and improvements.

Changes you will like to know
New Start Menu
Windows 10 now goes back to a task-switching environment (Win) rather than a traditional desktop-based one (Win7). While the Start Menu of Windows 10 is new, Microsoft made a few adjustments to the way it works and how users get access to the options that are available in the OS.

Keyboard and Control Features
Windows 10 comes equipped with an array of features aimed at improving the overall user experience of those who use it on both laptops and tablets.
The Start Menu is now back in charge of the task-switching functionality, but

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With the addition of two additional APIs the inaudible dialog control (Microsoft.MixedReality.InaudibleDialog.InaudibleDialogController) and the inaudible text control (Microsoft.MixedReality.InaudibleText.InaudibleTextControl) in the Windows Mixed Reality Platform we now have the ability to make a prototype application for Window Mixed Reality OS which one can use as a proof of concept as well as a reference on how to implement your own inaudible dialog or text control.
Microsoft.MixedReality.InaudibleText allows users to have text read in a audio-only fashion and demonstrates how to publish your own.
Microsoft.MixedReality.InaudibleDialog demonstrates how to create a Windows Mixed Reality Audio Only Dialog Preview experience.
Microsoft.MixedReality.InaudibleTextProcedureCore is the core implementation of the Text Control in the Windows Mixed Reality Platform and can be used for other inaudible dialog scenarios.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator X in real computer game has a design that can be made in many ways, you can fully customize your plane, you will have to save memory and storage space if you start using this way of processing information. You will only have to change the models, textures and animations to your liking and you can begin playing the game right from the launch. However, if you want to proceed in this direction, you will have to invest a lot of money that only a handful of people will be willing to do.
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Having a memory without any overhead is something that you cannot do without, you will need your program to fit into the entirety of your memory. When you are playing this simulator, you will have to save data to the

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Win10 Settings Blocker is a portable utility to add, remove, block and hide settings panes in Windows 10.
Use the app to block, show only, hide and disable settings for apps and services including Internet Explorer, Skype, Google Chrome, Visual Studio, File Explorer, Windows Defender, Event Viewer, Microsoft Store and more.
Run Win10 Settings Blocker from the USB/CD drive or any other accessible location. Save time and easily hide or disable unnecessary or annoying Windows 10 settings.

In the event that you get to see a status code 500 in the url within the http Error Blocker, this behavior is actually a normal behavior. That is because it is an additional security function that comes in the way to block any script that is designed to be unsafe for your safety.
You can get through the situation and at the same time discover simple steps that you can do to unblock this security measure in the event that you are not doing it from the regular path.
Steps on how to unblock Web App Error Code 500
The process that you have to follow is what the applications are made for, but what really needs to be done for this process to get working is to follow the directions carefully.
Unblock Web App Error Code 500
After you have the process down and it is working right for you, then what you will require is to look for the part that tells what service you will need to download. You will find a file which you will download called the Web App Error Code 500 Blocker.
Run it
Then run the program and you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions. Do that which you must to proceed.
Open it
It will open your programs because you will need to open them up for the task.
After the status as well as the list is displayed, then you will need to click on the plus button which will lead you to where you can enter in the names of the applications that you need to get unblocked.
Then you can click on the allow button or the add it to the list button.
And that will be that, you will be able to see what service you have that may need to be unblocked.
This process does not need to be complicated at all, but it can take time, especially if it is a long list that you are working with.
If you would like to know more about Web App Error Code 500 Blocker, click on the web link that we have given here.

What’s New In Win10 Settings Blocker?

Over the time your PC has become a vital source of information. You use it in your leisure time and also on the job, so you need to be sure it has the best settings possible. But as you know, there is a reason we call this computer the “you”, so not only you need to be safe, but also safe for you. This is where the application comes in.
W10 Settings Blocker Features:
-Block, hide and make a panel show-only with one click
-Force-restart and Unlock the PC
-List of all the settings panels available on Windows 10
-Pressing a button takes you to the configuration panel in which you can block, hide or make a panel show-only
W10 Settings Blocker Screenshot:

Windows 10 users that have gotten used to the “Start” menu since its introduction in the OS now have another starting point for its title bar. The option to switch between “Start” and “All apps” is available in the latest version of Windows 10.
Windows 10 Start is a useful option for those who want to access all the application that they have installed, or those who want to launch one by one.
If you have not already used this option, you can check if it is activated from the Control Panel by clicking the “Settings” icon. After that, follow the onscreen instructions to see if the option is available.
How to access the Start Menu in Windows 10:
To start with, simply press the Windows button, and go down. You should see an option called “All apps”. If it is not there, then you are not using Windows 10 1709. Click the “Settings” icon, and then go to the option called “System”. Once there, go to the “Start Menu & Taskbar”. At this point, click on the icon to the right of “All apps”.
Finally, this option should now appear at the bottom of the window.
If you want to keep the experience as similar as possible with previous versions, you can simply drag your apps and other items from the Start menu to where it is located in Windows 10. Another option is to go to the desktop, click on the app (e.g. Office) and press the “Win” key.
Note, you can still launch your apps by clicking the app icon on the desktop. However, Windows 10 Start makes it easier to quickly access your apps. Also, the touch-friendly keyboard shortcut of Windows 10

System Requirements:

Broadband Internet connection
Additional Requirements:
* The V2X traffic is managed in an application layer rather than a Network layer, thus the required license is different from that of a normal network router, please consult your cell service carrier for more information.
* You are responsible for the maintenance of your router. We are not responsible for the router you purchased from us.
* The V2X traffic is managed in an application layer rather than a Network layer, thus the required license is different from that of a normal network router, please consult your cell service