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The Internet is filled with all sort of applications that help make your life easier. One of them is Woman Calendar. It allows you to organize and use the information coded in your past menstrual cycles. It sports a lightweight and colorful graphical interface with many neat tools at hand.
Simple and lightweight graphical interface
The application doesn't take long to install and it doesn't come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete before you can actually use it. It sports a really intuitive graphical interface with many nice tools at hand.
Woman Calendar allows you to organize and use the information coded in your past menstrual cycles. Whether you're trying to conceive, avoiding it, or just planning the best time for vacation, you can always use the extra help your body’s history provides.
Explore various sections
The monthly menstrual related symptoms contain valuable information; by filing, reading and using it properly women can certainly increase their chances of achieving the desired goal.
The program uses some well established patterns in the female’s body rhythm and combines them with the available past information in order to generate predictions. It all comes down to determining two particular days within each period: the expected next period start date and the expected net ovulation day.
Knowing the ovulation day allows figuring out the fertility period, the days during which conceiving is possible. Unfortunately, none of these predictions can be made with absolute accuracy.
More features and tools
Data is filed by selecting a particular day and then using the controls on the right side of the calendar to file the events that had occurred in that day such as temperature reading, menstrual bleeding etc.
For a starter, it's better that you recall or estimate the first day of your last period. You will then locate that day on the calendar and make a note in it that bleeding has occurred, thus marking the start of a period.
All in all, Woman Calendar is about creating and supporting personal calendar of a woman’s period and related events and further using that information for various purposes.


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This program is designed in a way that it is completely suitable for both males and females. It strives to track your menstrual cycles for the past years and create detailed reports and graphs in an easy manner. It will help you to be better in understanding your menstrual cycle and your ovulation time.
Unlike other software on the market, Woman Calendar Crack For Windows do not require any other programs or hardware to set up the program but the first thing you would need to do is to decide whether you will like to input the data manually or you would like to have it automatically recorded for you (I mean that you enter it and then the software records it automatically).
You can have this inputting or auto inputting in one of the two ways:
After that you would have to record the start time, the end time, the duration and the level of that cycle.
This time the program would automatically record your menstrual cycles based on the start and end time that you have entered. You would input the start and end time, select the length of that cycle and then you would be able to tell the program which type of days you want to record automatically.
If you happen to miss a cycle then you would have to enter the cycle manually. The program would record the duration and the date for that month.
Once you have recorded the start and end date and the duration for each month, you have to specify the start day for that month. Once you have entered all those information you can see an overview of your menstrual cycle as a chart or you can also import a CSV or XLS file that contains all the information.
If you have not run the program for many months or more then you can use the organizer function. This would allow you to delete all the information that is stored in the program for that particular month and then create a new month by choosing a month and its number from the month selector window. In addition you would also be able to delete the data entered so far if you want to start a new cycle from scratch or if you’re just trying to avoid pregnancy again.
Once you have entered all the information for a new cycle, you can manage the program with the help of that interface by choosing a general section such as weeks, cycles or monthly and after that you can create new graph, add new data, set a period, choose a schedule, change the display, show and hide sections, import, export, change colors, change the text sizes etc.
Bugs :
There were some bugs

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Tech Specs

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Samsung LN40B7500

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Woman Calendar [April-2022]

Recent changes:Version 1.1.5
– Calendars are now created in a folder and not in the root. Please use moving the new calendars to the correct location
– Implemented day picker for this week view
– New graphs showing ovulation day, period length, and fertility percentage.
– Filed colors are now prioritized to the front of the list and there is more ways to change the colors to darker ones
– A new month preview is shown when the month is full
– “Other days” is now shown when you have no period
– The default month has a 0 day and 2 days in it
– New graphs showing ovulation date, fertility percentage, and fertility day
– New graphs showing temperature, uterine contractions, and breast swelling.
– Filed temperature is now shown over the top graph at the bottom
– Fetal data is now shown when you enter the last period
– All graphs are now color coded to the left of the title
– Improved the UI and fixed numerous bugs
– New graphs showing the rhythm, vaginal secretions, and cervical mucus secretion

Since the release of the iPhone version you can now view and use the web calendar from your PC/Laptop/notebook. What does that mean?
It’s pretty simple, just load up the website and login to your current login-details. Or select a different user-id and login there.
When you are logged in you can access all the previous settings like:
– daily and weekly reminders
– your preferences and favorites
– icon set options
– the password manager
– and much more
You can also export them, which will be one of your options if you have installed the application.

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What’s New In?

Use all the space of your Mac screen! Create your own diagram calendar using shapes, arrows and boxes, directly inside your calendar application!
Create your own diagram calendar in your calendar application using boxes and arrows. Set up your own layout for each calendar page, and share your diagram calendar with everyone on your iCal or Entourage contact list.
The program is called “Arrowhead”, and it’s exactly like any other calendar app: you have your calendar, your appointments, and a blank page for your to-do list. And that’s it. But here comes the clever part – with a few simple clicks you can transform your calendar into an image with shapes and arrows, so you can create your own diagram calendar.
With Arrowhead you can
• Use your calendar for appointment scheduling
• Create your own diagram calendar
• Share your diagram calendar with your friends and family
• Save your diagram calendar as an image for use on the Web, for email or to print
• Automatically organize your appointments by date, time or location
Your calendar is already optimized for event scheduling, so you can simply and easily fill it with your appointments. Fill out your calendar in advance and schedule those events you know are going to require a certain amount of attention.
For example, fill in the meetings you have for lunch today, then snap a picture of it with your camera and send it to your friend. You can view your own events in two ways: either step through the calendar view, or click on any events to get a details view of the appointment.
After your appointments have been scheduled, you can create your own diagram calendar. You can easily do this in three steps: 1. Choose a theme, 2. Choose an arrangement, and 3. Define which days you want to include.
When you’re done, you’ll get an image of your calendar with boxes and arrows. You can then save it as a picture or use it in many ways – email it to your friend, print it, put it on your Web site or on your blog, or save it to the Mac Photo Bin. The template is saved with each diagram calendar, so you can change it to suit your own style.
* Set up your own layout for each calendar page, and share your diagram calendar with everyone on your iCal or Entourage contact list.
* Create your own diagram calendar in your calendar application using boxes and arrows.
* Set up your

System Requirements:

• Windows 98SE or better
• Intel Pentium II 266 MHz or better
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