Technical socks for dancers

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An intense work on the class floor?

dance socks bcn designed by and for professional dancers that you can use in your dance classes. We want our socks to be the perfect accomplice of your movements.

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classical ballet socks

care instructions for dsb socks

Care instructions for my dsb socks

The dsb socks are crafted to respond to intense work on the class floor. They are technical garments and therefore some care must be taken. The shelf life may vary depending on the attention and care of your socks.

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dsb dance socks bcn offers a wide variety of secure payment options to make your purchase with ease and carefree. Most credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club are accepted. In addition you can find other methods of payment.

Fast delivery

Although the design of the dsb dance socks bcn is born in Barcelona, our proposal is to reach out to dancers from all over the world. Delivery times may vary depending on the country to which they are sent. We strive to get you your dsb socks as fast as possible with secure email. You can send us any questions about the delivery or delivery of your order.


dsb dance socks bcn offers two types of socks for two dance styles, classic and contemporary and in two colors, black and white. For special orders send us an email to and we will evaluate your request.



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