There are different designs of tights. According to the discipline, one type or another is advised. For classical ballet for example, the most traditional have always been the full-foot tights, but there are also convertible stockings, great to wear with pointe shoes. They have a hole in the bottom of the instep that facilitates access to the foot and thus be able to heal or protect the wounds produced by the tips, comfortably.

We leave you a list of 10 brands that we believe will be useful for your choice:

  • Gaynor Minden

Well known brand especially for ballet pointe shoes. Gaynor Minden tights are the best known. They are soft but sufficiently protected so that they have a long duration. If you like non-traditional colored tights, this is your brand, since the color has a long duration despite constant use.

Another well-known brand in this market. Some call it the brand of the brands because it is the most recommended by the great dancers of today. Others prefer lesser known or cheaper brands, but in the store you can find all types of tights that exist and with it also a wide range of colors.

  • Danskin

Quality and long-lasting tights. That’s why the price of danskin tights is high. They offer a very elegant collection. If you are looking for quality and a good adaptation to your body, this is your brand!

  • Mondor

Economic tights and good quality. They are characterized by being very soft although they also have tights with different fabric compositions. The waist of these tights is very elastic and Mondor also offers a wide range of colors.

  • Theatricals

One of the most economic brands in the market. They have all the models that can be offered and variety of colors and sizes, however these tights breaks more easily because the material with which they are made is more economic.

  • Bloch

The Bloch tights are extremely soft and very durable. This brand is also on many dance portals, so it will be easy to find them. The prices are in the average of the best-known brands.

  • Sansha

Sansha tights are also very soft and their elasticity helps the comfort of less focused areas of the body. The price is not very economic either but it is not exorbitant like other brands. You can find them in different portals, here we leave one.

  • Intermezzo

It offers a long length that makes it easier for those dancers who are taller. This brand can be found in many dance shops that sell products of different brands. The prices are cheap and the averages of good quality.

  • Lulli Dancewear

There isn’t so much variety of tights and colors are limited. Despite this, they are very good quality stockings but prices are a bit high.

  • Body Wrappers

Seamless tights are the best for any dancer. Body Wrappers knows this and that’s why it has a large catalog of seamless tights. They also have tights with a sole on the foot, which makes movement more comfortable.

What tights are your favorites? Do you like any brand that doesn’t appear in this post?