A professional-quality home dance floor offers freedom to practice your passion. With a practice dance floor at home, you’ll have a greater opportunity to improve your dance skills.

So we share you a list of the seven portable dance floors that we think are a great help for any dancer for domestic use.


This reversible marley dance floor is designed for ballet and soft shoe use in professional dance studios or in home studios. This floor is reversible with black on one side and gray on the other.

If you do dance competition this is a must! You must use this type of flooring. Easy installation, don’t need truly install, just put it down and use it for the prop. Multiple pieces can be joined with tape for larger areas.

Best experience for a great slip coefficient designed for ballet and soft shoe dance types.


Dancers Product of The Year. Marley is Accepted Worldwide as the SAFEST SURFACE to Dance and Perform on.

It works perfectly on any surface. You could use use dot2dance on the grass in your backyard and it doesn’t slide!!

You will LOVE your dot2dance!


Made in the USA.

Complete kit: includes nine interlocking panels and edging, 3′x3′ SnapFloors dance floor is easy to assemble, no tools required.

Lightweight and portable.

Panels are 100% waterproof – perfect for indoor or outdoor use.


The perfect portable dance floor to practice your dance moves and deliver the all important “sound” making music for any tap dancer.

Your 3′ x 3′ SnapFloors dance floor is easy to assemble, no tools required.


Tap mat flooring kit is not limited to just tap dancing or clogging. Other styles of dance can take advantage of the high quality and durable flooring such as Ballroom – Banquet – Clogging – Flamenco – Hip Hop – Irish – Latin.

A Portable and Rigid Dance Tap Floor Kits with minimal shock absorption.


15″ Super Bravo Pre-Cut Grey.

New and improved reversible, lightweight, portable Marley dance floor. Does not include tape for installation.


  • Great for Home Gyms, Basement Flooring, Utility Areas and More.
  • 5mm rolls are recommended to be glued down.
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty.
  • 5mm = 3/16
  • Made in the USA.