Warm up booties are a product very appreciated by dancers, during the cold season.

This type of shoes keep the warmth of the feet between classes or rehearsals. They are very flexible so they don’t hinder the movements of the dancers and the soles are durable and adapted for indoor and outdoor use. In addition, the boots are super light and take up very little space in your dance bag!

Here are 10 warmer booties of different brands so you can assess which are the best for you:


This prestigious brand offers a wide variety of colors of boot warmers. As we have said in previous posts, this brand offers high quality products and these boots are a perfect example. The price of these boots remains in the same range as most of the following brands.


This brand offers warmer booties with a front elastic closure to help improve the fit of the booty with the foot. It also has ankle straps to finish perfecting the fit. The range of colors is very tight, but the quality is very good and that’s why the price increases a bit.


This brand offers heaters booties for a low price. The characteristics vary a lot compared to the previous brands. They include a fleece complement to give greater warmth to the foot and ankle. If you just started dancing, these boots would be a good option to start adapting to this type of shoe, since your movements will be less than those of a professional dancer or advanced level.


The Dance You booties are made of quality materials and offer an elasticity that will help the comfort of the dancer’s foot and movements. The price is in line with the other brands.


The So Dança boots are also a good option. The quality of the materials used is very good and offers little variety of colors but different from those of the other brands. Perfect for anyone who wants to change the most typical colors.


Sansha offers warmer boots with a more affordable price. The closures are Velcro and is a bit higher than some of the previous ones. They are perfect for those dancers who always have cold feet.


Cabiniste warmer boots have a foam midsole that provides greater insulation. The sole contains nylon beads that offer additional traction of the foot to the ground. This product is only recommended for indoor use. The price is a little higher than the average, but it offers a quality and features that are very attractive.


Another good option that offers very good quality and attractive features. It covers more than the other booties, this is perfect for children, so the heat will spread more for your body. The price follows the average of most of the brands in this list.


This famous brand also offers a product that can be used by dancers in moments of transition from, for example, costumes to classes or rehearsals to functions. Those moments in which the dancers wait their turn to rehearse their staging on top of the stage. Perfect breaks for those dancers who tend to have cold feet.


These sandals are also a good option for those dancers who, on the contrary, of the Crocs, do not usually have cold feet. It is very important to have your foot and ankle warm on the stage or at the moment of dancing but at rest, if you don’t usually have cold feet, this may be a good option.