Capturing the magic and expression of the dancers is very complicated, but there are photographers who are dedicated to doing it and they get it.

They transfer the magic of the scenes’ bodies into unique and precious image captures. We present some of the best photographers that currently exist in the world of ballet and dance.


David Hofmann

Photographer covering a wide range of subjects such as wildlife and dance, among others. He has triumphed for his underwater Works and has been recognized worldwide.

He is known for his talent that Works with natural light and also his unique and innovative work of “water dance”. Environments like the beaches of California and the districts of Los Angeles are the preferred locations for this artist.



Luis Pons

Luis Pons is a dance photographer known worldwide for his photographs. Look for beauty, symmetry, color, contrast…

This photographed the most distinguished ballet dancers from around the world. His works can be seen in all over the world.



Darian Volkova

A professional photographer and dancer, Volkova is an artist born in Russia who wants to show the Ballet world from within.

Whenever she begins a tour with the company , she is dedicated to capturing the movements of her companions, only like this someone can show what it is to be behind the curtains.


Alexander Yakovlev

Alexander Yakovlev is a photographer born in Moscow, who captures the movement of the dancers in all their detail. One of the most known series of this photographer has been the photographs he has made with flour.

The moment the dancers make their movements they use the flour so that it produces a visual effect of the movement.


Rachel Neville

Rachel Neville born in New York is a professional photographer of dance and her movements. She has more than 10 years of experience capturing in dance companies, dancers, fitness professionals…

What Rachel wants to transmit through her images is to translate the power of each movement.


Carlos Quezada

Carlos Quezada is a young Mexican photographer who before being a professional photographer was a dancer. Highly demanded by big companies such as the Zürich Ballet, the Stuttgarter Ballet and the Berlin Staatsballet, the Quezada images are used for the promotions of different theaters.

What this photographer is looking for is capturing the best moment of the dancer, the essence of the movement.


Graham Spicer

Photographer, director, writer and actor in Milan, ballet blogger, opera, music and theater. Graham Spicer is dedicated to capturing images of spaces and artists on stage.

His photographs show the excitement of both ballet and opera, on stage.



Ira Yakovleva

Ira Yakovleva is a photographer who captures the perfection of the movements of the dancers

This artist looks for perfection by creating a space that matches with the dancer and thus create a more attractive image with more contrast. In many of the photographs she makes, objects or backgrounds appear from nature, flowers, landscapes… Combining art and freedom to dance in the midst of nature.



Gene Schiavone

Gene Schiavone is a photographer with a great experience behind his back and with a great presence in social networks. What Schiavone wants to capture is a different and deeper perspective on the movements and bodies of the dancers.

He is currently the official photographer for the American Ballet Theater Company.



Taylor – Ferné Morris

She was born in Melbourne, Australia and is a photographer specializing in dance. All All their photographs have a purpose within the frame and try to capture every detail that exists.

Morris has received several awards for her work, the last one at an exhibition in New York where she received the top prize in studio photography.