A dancer always needs several accessories to improve, advance and perfect his dance. We also need ballet equipment to prevent damaging our feet.

So we share you a list of the ten accessories that we think are a great help for any dancer for domestic use.


The ballet foot stretch is an accessory that helps the dancer’s foot get complicated movements and correct positions of the Ballet. This brand offers a very good quality product with very resistant wood, without springs or screws and soft and pleasant to the touch of the feet.

It will help you to improve the aesthetics of the positions and thus to advance with the ballet tips. It takes the correct shape, the foot adjusts and adapts perfectly and soon, you will get used to the correct posture.


This accessory is perfect to improve the balance of the dancer and perfect both the turns and the postures. In addition, with this dance accessory, we will increase our confidence and performance in the dance.

The turning board of the Petter Pirouette brand is made of high quality wood and is light. The upper part is made of a resistant non-slip neoprene, so its use is perfect both footwear and barefoot.

We also share you the link of the turning board of the Zenmarkt brand, so you can compare its characteristics and choose the best one for your needs.


The stretch band of Plum Band is perfect for professionals of dance and also to improve in some ballet exercises. With this accessory, in a short time we will notice that our elasticity is increasing and the range of motion improves.

The material of the rope is very resistant and durable. It’s soft and comfortable to use and perfect for both children and adults. With this, you will be able to advance more quickly in your classes and focus on improving other aspects of dance.


Another tool that can benefit you a lot is the portable dance floor of the Dance Disc brand. It is customary to use more in professional dancers. When dancing in different places, we never know what quality the floor has, therefore, the portable dance floor will save us from a floor in poor condition.

The base is very durable and safe. In addition, it has a handle so it makes it more comfortable to transport.


Bloch offer us a solution for those unexpected moments that can ruin a unique moment. The sewing kit is ideal for those moments in which for some reason break the ribbons of the tips and you can’t tie them correctly or simply sew the loops.

It has all the necessary accessories to solve the emergency quickly. Perfect to carry anywhere since the box is practical and small.


For us, the portable barre of the Vita Vibe brand is an indispensable accessory for professional dancers. When you have to rehearse for many hours and sometimes for different reasons, we can’t go to class enough, this accessory will be of great help to practice the movements at home.

But it is also a good accessory for those dancers who are starting in the world of Ballet and want to perfect and advance faster. The tops of the legs are rubber so the bar won’t slide on the floor and the height is adjustable so that you can put it at your proper height.


The preferred solution for dancers. These little dancer dots will relieve us of the painful sores and the pain of using Ballet tips.

It is perfect for those dancers who are accustomed to using Ballet tips several times a week. When using both the tips, it is normal that in the end we produce hard feet and this Ballet accessory will help us to prevent and feel more comfortable in our movements.


This accessory is perfect for any dancer, whether adult or small. The resin that Capezio offer us, helps the small dancers to gain confidence in their movements without having to think if they are going to slip or not. It is also essential for professionals who dance on different types of floors.

Before going out to dance, put a little on the tips and on the soles of the shoes and you will get a better adherence to the floor. For gymnasts it is also ideal so that your hands don’t slip in their different exercises.


Like Gaynor Minden’s dancer dots, silicone toe caps will help prevent hardships and sores that may come out due to rubbing with the tips. In addition, they provide great comfort to the toes, since they don’t rest directly on the toes of the shoes.

You can combine the dancer dots of Gaynor Minden and the silicone gel toe to protect 100% your feet.


Finally, we recommend you a more aesthetic accessory, but no less important for any dancer. The hair bun nets, are essential for any dancer of any age. The hair bun nets will stabilize our hairstyles and will prevent our hair from bothering us while we dance in a class or on stage. There are different colors for each hair color.

So don’t forget to put Lion’s hair bun nets in your Ballet bag, they’ll get you out of more than one hurry!