Ballet slippers are many, of different fabrics: leather, canvas, with whole sole, divided soles. We want to show you some of the best options of the market and help you decide what are the ideals for you.

The slippers made with canvas are best suited at the foot of the dancer and are more comfortable and elegant. Below you can see the most outstanding brands that offer this product and be able to compare and choose the ones that best suit your foot.


Sorted in alphabetical order, these are.

BLOCH offers the Zenith model, this brand has always been at the forefront of the innovative technology. This model is the first one that gives an aerodynamic fit and is very comfortable. It contains internal elastic fibers that help to perfectly adjust to the foot and its movements. This model is only available for women and in pink or black.



CAPEZIO offers the canvas Juliet ballet shoe model to choose betweenwhite and pink. The canvas with which they have been manufactured provide a bow without stitches that hugs the foot and eliminates the volume. Is has a soft coating that absorbs moisture. There are sizes for women and also for children.


CASIMIRO is a catalan brand. We have chosen the 1200 LET model. It is a very elastic shoe, breathable and with a divided sole. There is the option to choose between black and white. This model is available for women, men and children.







FREED OF LONDON. The model we have chosen is a slipper, made in England, mid-point approved by the Royal Academy of Dance. It is available in black and white and also gives the option to choose the width. There is a wide variety of sizes.

freed of london royal academy ballet shoe






GRISHKO presents the model Lienzo emphasizes the elegance and flexibility of the feet. The shape of the heel and the arch area accentuate the aesthetic lines, the bow curved, the instep and the demi-pointe. Lienzo is available in several colors (meat, brown, white and black) and with a wide variety of sizes.



MERLET offers the Setha model, for advanced or professional dancers. The sole is divided and is manufactured with a type of clothing that Merlet only offers and is very comfortable. This model is one of the star products of this French brand. Is is available for children, women and men and with salmon or black color.

demi pointe merlet dance setha






REPETTO offers the T231 model. It is a soft shoe with a loose sole for intermediate or advanced dancers. The upper part is flexible and, therefore, provides great flexibility in the movements. We recommend this model for young dancers who want to emphasize the work of the foot. Colors available: white, grey and salmon and there are sizes for women, men and children.

soft ballet shoe reppetto t231







SANSHA has the Pro 1C model with an original sole since 1986. The sole construction is handmade and without external seam and has a protective foam pad in the heel. It offers many colors and is only available for men and women.


SO DANÇA presents the model SD16 with elastic clothes, comfortable and elegant. It offers a wide variety of colors and is available for children and adults.


The mid-sleeve shoes made with canvas are ideal for combining with dsb white socks for children and men, for better comfort, hygiene and quality.