After recommending the Ballet accessories, in this post we are talking about 13 brands that offer leg warmers for dancers.

Which one will be your chosen one?


Capezio offers different types of leg warmers. The classic one with a bit of elasticity that due to their quality are very durable.

It also offers warming boots, perfect for each rest or simply to warm both the feet and legs. There are different sizes and different colors and also have leg warmers for children.


V28 offers leg warmer for women, men and girls. Free size fit. This leg warmers are great for Ballet, Gym, Fitness. They are soft and fashionable and offers a big variety of colors.


The Eurotard leg warmers have different measures of length and designed to reach just above the knee with a close fit. Some of the most used are the heaters with openings for the feet and the heel. These types of leg warmers are perfect for use on tips or ballet shoes. This brand offers a wide variety of dance leg warmers, both in size and design.


Body Wrappers offers the same leg warmer as Eurotard. Some improvements offered by this brand is that it has a more serious and elegant range of colors. They are a little shorter than the previous ones but will warm your legs equally, therefore, the length only depends on your comfort.


The type of heater that Danskin offers is the same design as Body Wrappers and Eurotard. Danskin has little supply of heaters but the quality of these is very good. The length of the heater is typical and the available colors are black and light pink.


The leg warmer of KD Dance New York offers us a more daring design. They are a little shorter, they reach below the knee.

This brand has a great variety of different designs. In KD Dance New York you can choose the ideal leg warmer for your classes.


The leg warmers of Blulu are a good choice. This is made of acrylic fibers that provide softness to the legs. They also have a hole in the heel to prevent them from curling.

If your choice is Blulu’s leg warmers, you will get two pairs so you can change them often.


Unique yoga design could give you more choices, these Yoga Leg Warmers not only can be ordinary leg warmers, boot cuffs, boot socks to match with your favorite boots, shoes in cold days, but also for dance.

This woman leg warmers have very comfortable stretch fabric and they offer different colors to choose from.


Underarmour offers just one type of woman leg warmer.  Made with soft acrylic knit material keeps you warm and cozy. Cuffed tops and bottoms so they stay snug in place. One size fits all woman.


This brand offers a bolder design with accessories added to leg warmers. They are available in three different colors: fuchsia, black and white. The sizing is very wide and you can perfectly choose your ideal size. The price? Very cheap!


ToeSox leg warmers are the hottest way to ready muscles for peak performance. Perfect for Pilates, barre, dance and fashion.

The soft ribbed wool is knee high and designed to scrunch and stay in place for any activity. A good option!


Made of high quality acrylic elastic and comfortable leg warmers. Suitable for a variety of disciplines: Sports, Yoga, Fitness, Ballet, Casual… The length of this model is short but it’s ideal for your exercises.


Calzedonia offers a leg warmers with a good quality. They are made of wool and cashmere blend ribbed. Only available in one color, but is a good option to wear if you use often.