Here is a list of 10 brands that we believe will be useful for your leotard choice:


Wear Moi is famous for its impressive fashion leotards and also for its durability. Leotards of different designs where, surely you will find yours! They have a large catalog of leotards with which you can stylize your figure. In addition, in the same store you can find more items that you may need for your classes.

They also have several accessories for men, essential items for any dancer.


This brand has a very good reputation. As we said in the last post, about the 5 tips to choose the best dance leotards, this brand offers a large catalog of articles. The level of performance of their products is very good and they have different designs of leotards. Capezio is directly recommended by many current famous dancers.


Many dancer are in love with Bloch! If you visit his website, you will immediately see the experience that they have in the dance market. A very important advantage is that Bloch uses high performance fabrics. Their leotards stylize the figure of the dancer and they are also known for their comfort. The perfect combination!


This brand brings you some designs of different and very elegant leotards. If you’re looking to highlight, visit the Ballet Rosa page, you’ll only find leotards with unique designs that will make you dazzle on stage. His designs are avant-garde and current materials of high quality.


This brand offers a wide variety of products, but the most beautiful and elegant leotards that you can see from this brand are those from the Grishko jewel collection for the Bolshoi. Elegant and unique designs that will make you stand out even more on stage. The price of the leotards of the jewel collection Grishko are very affordable. 


In Lulli Dancewear you can find everything you need to dance. This brand is characterized by its comfort and the use of quality materials that will make your leotard last and last. All products are tested by professional dancers before their commercialization.

In addition to leotards, it also offers pants, skirts and various items that will help you complete your ideal look. All Lulli Dancewear leotards contain an interior bra that guarantees maximum support while dancing.


This brand has grown a lot in recent years. In your shop you can find products for professional dancers as well as for dancers who have just started in one of the different dance disciplines. The leotards of So Dança, offer a great variety of colors.


Intermezzo is one of the best-known brands in the world of dance. Materials such as fine knit cotton and lycra are some of the features that increase the quality of their products. This brand offers basic leotards and also striking designs. So in Intermezzo you can find any type of design with which to highlight dancing.


Mirella offers a wide variety of clothes that you can use to dance. Leotards, dresses, skirts … all the products of this brand are handmade by craftsmen, this gives it a great value, which you may not find in other brands. In addition, the fabrics they use are of good quality and the prices are affordable.

You can find Mirella articles in the different portals of dance products, such as Dance Depot.


In Roch Valley you can find dance clothes and shoes for any dance discipline. This brand is characterized by its quality in the products and also its comfort. Two basic aspects in the world of dance. In addition, its relation quality and price is perfect. Many of the leotards that you can find in their store, will be available in various colors.