Some teachers express the opinion that wearing padding in your shoes prohibits strengthening, but if the dancer is working incorrectly due to pain in her feet and toes, then the dancer will more than likely develop bad habits from the outset, which will be extremely difficult to correct over time.


With these pads you will feel more comfort and relief when you dance with the pointe ballet shoes. The crescent shaped pad has a thin layer of gel material inside a fabric pouch. There are 10 sizes available. Capezio toe pads are ideal for dancers with slightly wider feet.


These pads are made of high quality silicone gel. Eurotard Pointe Comfort Feather Lites Gel Toe Pads are easier to cut and protect the bunion more. This model is recommended for all levels of dancers and have a fine and soft touch to the skin. This model is available in two colors.


Zittop toe pads are ideal for providing additional toe cushioning. Assists in distributing to pressure evenly. This model offers a unique size so the pads fit your feet more. They are very flexible and elastic.


The comfortable silicone elastic material is soft, light and comfortable features which can absorb shock and slow the pressure. vuUUuv pointe shoe padding has breathable hole design, it has good breathing during walking, and keeps dry.


These pads are also a good option. The materials used for its manufacture are gel and nylon, which produce extra softness and comfort in the foot. It’s available in different colors and you have 3 sizes to choose from.


The Lizipai pads are ideal for your pointe ballet shoes. These straighten your bent fingers and increase circulation. If you want to gain confidence in your movements, the Lizipai pads are a good option.


If your big toes suffer a lot, the Bloch Big Toe cushion will help relieve the pressure on them. The tip is made of gel and has no seams. It’s also a good option if your nails are broken or ingrown. There is only one size and you can cut it to your liking.


Grishko pads are made of high quality silicone. This is a new, ecological and soft material that will provide better comfort in your movements and relieve the pressure of the pointe ballet shoes. These are unisex and are available in one size.