There is a small variety of tights for male ballet dancers. They have to be comfortable and elastic so that the safety of the dancer is the best. One of the most used is the footless tight, which provides better comfort when he perform movements.

We share you 5 men’s ballet tights. Surely you find the best for you!


Capezio offers different models of tights for men.These tights will make you feel very comfortable when making your movements. The waist is elastic and provides full support but without being uncomfortable. It is completely breathable and resistant.


This brand also offers a wide variety of tights for men. This model is available in three colors.
Footless tights are very comfortable for men. This in particular has a high waist that can be rolled or worn with braces for the ballet class. They are made of cotton and elastane.


Sansha has a wide variety of tights for men. These in particular, have an elastic waist and footless. This type of tight is very common in men, since thigh tight is not as uncomfortable as that of the tights with feet. To train, rehearse … they are perfect!


These tights are perfect since it has no front seams. In addition, this model features a heel dart, a comfort fit hidden in-step opening for easy foot accessibility and a secure fit. This feature improves the dancer’s comfort when making more complex movements.


These microfiber tights are flexible, opaque and matt. The full foot design fits snugly around the foot and provides a soft and secure fit on the ballet shoes. The good thing about these men ballet tights is that its remain in good condition after repeated use and repeated washes. The only seam is in the crotch which makes them perfect for men.