The ballet barre is perfect for domestic use and thus you could move more quickly in your postures and elasticity. Do you want to improve your balance?

Well here we share you 9 dance barres!


This barre is made of aluminum and you can customize it by entering your name on it. The best? The finish of the bars has an antimicrobial quality that inhibits the growth and transmission of microbes.

The heights of the horizontal bars are adjustable and you can choose between 8 different colors!


This type of barre is for hanging on the wall. It is made with high quality materials. It includes all the necessary tools for its assembly. It offers greater security and better adhesion. Available in three different sizes.


This portable barre is made of polished wood and is very beautiful. It has two stabilizing legs to prevent swaying from one side to the other. In addition, it contains an extra wide barre that improves stability. The design of this model is very elegant.


This barre is fixed to the wall. The single adjustable barre comes with one set of wall mounted brackets and one barre with associated mounting hardware. If you are looking for a high quality wall barre, this is yours!


This set includes a free-standing ballet barre, resistance training bands, a ball for toning and a choreographed dvd.
The barre that includes this set is perfect to do warm-up exercises and improve postures.


This model is perfectly adjustable and multifunctional: you can perform a variety of stretching exercises, correct postures, warm-up exercises…

It is perfect for both beginners and professionals. Thanks to its flexibility, several dancers can use it at the same time. An extremely safe and resistant barre.


The model of Sisyama’s barre is adjustable, portable and stable. It’s made of good quality steel and has non-slip rubber feet. The height is adjustable from 30” to 44”. This barre requires assembly.


This model has the ​​adjustable height to perform any Ballet exercise. It is painted with an ecological lacquer of high quality, without odors and non-slip.

The only available color is purple. Its structure prevents it from moving during training.


Like the first Vita Vibe barre, it also has different settings for the horizontal bars: It varies from 6” to 46″ from the ground. Non-slip rubber feet provide a good grip without risking damage to floor surfaces.