Seeing a dancer on stage is a pleasure, but watching ballet dancer with pointe shoes is something beautiful and magical. The way she moves, express and feel that she has is different.

Maria Taglioni


The first dancer who used the pointe shoes on stage was Maria Taglioni with the success of the romantic ballets. The subtlety and dexterity on the stage was similar to that of a fairy, a ghost and other protagonists of the romantic ballets.


To begin to use the pointe shoes, you must take some two or three years of experience and from here start progressively, strengthening the legs for a better balance and control of the body. We know that the feel suffer, deform, sore out and there is more risk of serious injury, that is why you have to have a good technique and train a lot with them.

pointe shoes


To choose the right pointe shoes, you must go personally to a specialized store and see which is the best fit in the foot. The fingers shouldn’t be shrunken and there should be no space left in the heel area.

Some of the characteristics to take into account when choosing our pointe shoes well, are:

  • Must sure if we want a professional product or just for class.
  • We must look at the height of the wedge, that is if we are the beginning of our learning we must take a low wedge so that the instep can work better.
  • Finally, we must look at the width of our foot. From here, we will choose a shoe that fits perfectly to our foot neither too tight nor too wide.

Working hard and with effort will allow us to enjoy this art that is dancing with pointe shoes. Above the stage will be where you can enjoy with all the fullness of your agile and elegant movements, thanks to the pointe shoes.

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ballet pointe shoe