For a dancer one of the most important things to keep in mind is the comfort, so that you can perform the movements with total efficiency. That’s why, we want to offer you 5 tips that would have to have the ideal socks for classical dance.


1. Ability of transpiration and absorption. It’s important that the sock absorbs the sweat of the foot and that the foot, therefore, transpire. We have to try to get a product that can eliminate the bad smell and avoid the possibility of having fungus or itching.

2. Maintenance of its qualities throughout its useful life. It is necessary that the quality of the product that we acquire is durable. As we said in point 1, it’s important that it helps to prevent fungus or bad smell caused by sweat, but also that the reinforcements in the most affected parts, the threads that compose them and the colors, don’t wear out.



3. The length. Everyone has their hobbies and it is important that the dancer can choose what is most comfortable for him. The length of the sock has to be modifiable, since each dancer will want a different one.

4. Let the sock cling perfectly to the leg. For a dancer, it isn’t comfortable to notice that the socks are going down in each movement to the ankles so we have to choose some socks that have a rubber band on the end of these and  that makes their hold is perfect.

5. A little thick sock. The sock that we choose has to have little thickness so that is doesn’t bother to us when putting on the slippers. It is also very important that we go to measure and that we don’t produce folds inside our soft ballet shoes.