To know if a product that we want to buy online is of good quality or not, sometimes it’s complicated. In our case, we make it very easy. Our socks have been previously tested to be able to offer you our quality with total security.

At dance socks bcn we have designed socks specifically for professionals of ballet and contemporary dance.


Our tests have been based on a test of 9 months with 15 hours per week of intensity and performing these tests in linoleum floor, the most common in classical and contemporary dance.


What’s the result of the test?

  • Our socks have a very high durability and performance,
  • No reduction in initial properties has been detected,
  • They haven’t aged,
  • The gums and the color have remained intact.

It is a type of clothing with a high density of thread that takes a little longer to dry once washed and that is why we recommend having two pairs in case you have to make a very intensive use.

Available in colours white and black, not ⁠sand, charcoal as Bloch dance socks or blochsox.