Isadora Duncan (1877-1927)
Duncan is one of the most recognized dancers in the history of contemporary dance. She broke with the rules of classical dance, movements, steps, positions and everything that was established until then.

This dancer stood out for her innovation and to create her own style, which is why she is known as the mother of modern dance. Her works and interpretations were inspired by the Greek culture.She was base to create natural movements, expressing from within and not having to follow those who dictated until then.


Martha Graham (1894-1991)

Martha Graham is another of the most important dancers in this type of dance. She was a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher and between these different stages she developed movements from emotion.

She created a different modern dance, movements of contracting and releasing. As we have said, their movements came from emotions, sharpness, angular…

Nowadays, in the United States still exists the academy of dance of Martha Graham, oldest of the country.

Katherine Dunham (1909-2006)
American dancer and choreographer. She created a dance academy in United States where all students were afro-americans. Dunham is known as the mother of modern afro-american dance.
She was a classical dancer, when she began to discover African culture, she added movements in both classical and modern dance.It must be said that the technique of Katherine Dunham is still standing today and is one of the most important foundations in modern dance in the United States.


Mary Wigman (1886-1973)

German dancer and one of the most important in teh history of Europe. Wigman taught that there are no ugly movements, but the movements that you leave out of your body are the graphic representation of emotions and feelings.

Her philosophy of dance continues to have a great influence in Europe and also in America along with Hanya Holm with whom she studied at an academy.



Hanya Holm (1893-1992)

Hanya Holm, a native of Germany, studied with Mary Wigman. She moved to New York where she studied Wigman’s technique more thoroughly.

This dancer emphasized the movements of the back and the torso and his base was the improvisation. According to Holm, what a dancer expressed with her body was what dictated the rules of dance.

Her works were featured, her work Metropolitan Daily was the first modern dance choreography that was broadcast on television and was one of the choreographers of Broadway musicals.

Doris Humphrey (1895-1958) 

Humphrey is one of the “Big Four”, the four great dancers who established the foundations of modern American dance.She created choreographies based on the events of the movement. Along with Charles Weidman, she founded a modern dance company that brought her works throughout the country.

At present, the choreographies of this dancer are still being studied all over the world.